Can I order less than 50 pairs of socks?

Each new design requires machine set up and sample runs, therefore orders with less than 50 pirs are not viable and not sustainable.

Can I order a physical sample of my design first?

Usually we send the picture of pre-production sample for approval before batch production. If you still want to receive the sample before production, we can arrange that for an additional fee of 100 EUR. Please note, lead time in such case will be 2-3 weeks longer.
To check the quality you can order the test sample. We will ship to you one of the stock designs. Test sample fee is 25 EUR and will be deducted from your final invoice.

How many colours can be used?

You can use up to 6 colours in your design.

Can you use my existing design?

Absolutely, please request the design template to apply your design. In such case we give discount 25 EUR.

Is there any limits in design?

Since our socks are made with knitted design, please avoid small elements, thin lines and small letters. Heel and toe can be solid colour only. We will advise individually to ensure your final product looks the best.

Can I customise the height of the socks?

Yes, you can choose any height of the socks up to 25 cm.

What sizes can I order?

Our standard sizes are 36-39, 40-43, 44-47. Please get in touch for custom size range.

How long does production takes?

After you approve the sample we need 4-5 weeks to produce your order.

What is the delivery time?

We use courier shipping, which usually takes 3-5 days within the EU and 7-10 days for the rest of the world.

What materials are used?

We use high quality yarns, such as recycled polyester, Oeko-Tex cotton, polyamide or Merino Wool depending on the socks model.

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